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Transform your home using modular wall frames

Transform your home using modular wall frames

Ever wondered how the team at Summit have been able to achieve those stunning home transformations so quickly on Matt and Kim to the Rescue?

This time – in just four days – we gave the Bates family in Waikiki a massive extra 126m2 of living space, and here we share our secrets on how you can achieve the same at your home.

The secret lies in modular wall frames which is a proven building technique and fully engineered meaning 100% precision in construction and 100% speed in time. Yes, it pretty much guarantees you an instant home!

Extending your home’s footprint using modular wall frames can be achieved using Australian steel or timber and for the renovation at the Bates family home in Waikiki we used timber.

Modular means more living space

The entire rear of the Bates family home now boasts a massive extra 111m2 of living space including a gourmet kitchen, integrated living and dining areas and even a purpose built activity room which Amber is using as a classroom for her children’s home-schooling, plus an outdoor alfresco which Russell is using as his “man cave”!

The extra area to the main family home was built using timber frame and then clad in Masterwall for a smooth and seamless finish before being painted and decorated.   And – as you saw on Channel 9’s Matt & Kim to the Rescue – the whole process took just a matter of days.

Using the approved building plans, the timber walls were cut to precision, then assembled into wall frames and then transported to Waikiki for installation onsite at the Bates’ home.

The walls and roof structure were erected in a matter of hours and then at a rate of knots the angled ceilings were installed.  External walls were clad in Masterwall which not only looks great but has fantastic thermal properties too.  This time we also used Masterwall’s umbra product as a decorative feature to frame the doors and windows as a stylish design feature to the existing beach shack.

Once the home was secure, all the internal finishes like painting and tiling got underway before we unveiled it to the overwhelmed Bates family. See, we pretty much told you it was an instant home!

Modular means modern street appeal

Did you know we were able to deliver the stunning front porch and totally revamp the front of the Bates family home using modular wall frames too? It’s true! 
For the porch, framed timber posts were erected into concrete footings and then clad to form the walls and magnaflo steel was used for the roof.  

The porch was designed to look like a seamless extension to their home and it totally does!  Plus, it’s a great retreat for Amber and Russell to use as another living space – this time outdoors!

Modular means more outdoor space

We wanted to breathe fresh life into the backyard too which is why we added a stunning outdoor entertaining space, again built using the latest in modular wall frames.

By building the free-standing alfresco, and positioning it away from the main roof line, we were able to achieve a space that encapsulated a sense of intimacy and seclusion – perfect for Russell to unwind in, or to host guests!   With the inclusion of both an outdoor shower and a place to hang towels, this outdoor area serves as the perfect multi-functional garden feature.

Having taken inspiration from the finishes used inside the home and in the interests of quality and time, the alfresco was built using premium modular wall frame techniques too. And, with a path leading directly from the home onto the elevated decking, the new area delivers in functionality, versatility and a ‘wow factor’ for the whole family.

This is not the first time modular wall frames have been used in our work with Matt & Kim to the Rescue.  Check out how we made Australian TV history when we transformed the home of the Flavelle family and also the HoyPoy family.

As you can see, modular wall frames can be used to add more space to your existing home’s footprint or it can be used to add a second storey – both in just a matter of days.  This proven building technique is really only limited to your imagination.

If you’d like to transform your home using modular wall frames, call the home improvement specialists, Summit Home Improvements on 6365 2901 (Perth metro) and 9760 1914 (South West).

And, if you want to watch the episode again, you can at

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