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The Strength of Steel plus the Strength of Summit

We’re leading the revolution in WA with steel frame roofing

We've been building high-quality homes for the families of WA for more than 35 years. In that time, we've gained a hard earned reputation for building excellence. Our single-minded commitment to building homes of the highest quality is unwavering, so we're always seeking the most effective and efficient processes. That's why we're now offering a fully engineered steel roofing system option on our homes. Just like us, it's innovative, strong, safe and durable.

With our massive buying power, we can offer our clients all the benefits of Steel for the same cost as timber.

This innovative roofing system is fully-engineered and manufactured off-site in our state-of the-art facility, then transported and installed onto your new home's brick work. This is clearly an exciting revolution for WA home builders, however this building process has been proven and tested on an industrial-scale many times before.

For example, the new Fiona Stanley Hospital plus many of Perth’s largest commercial buildings (including the latest Westfield Shopping Centres) use steel framed roofs. With a steel roof structure trusted to keep patients safe in our latest and greatest hospital, you can rest assured it’s a strong, safe and durable choice for your new home.

✓ Termite proof - 100% termite & European House Borer proof.
✓ Unique Design Capabilities - ability to create innovative & non conventional roof lines
✓ Fast installation - getting you into your new home sooner
✓ Minimal delays - built in a weather-proof purpose-built facility, operating 24 hours a day
✓ Quality engineering - precision engineered to be dimensionally accurate
✓ Engineer’s Certificate - your roof will be built to the exact specification
✓ Safe and durable product - non-combustible so ideal for bush fire prone areas
✓ Much cleaner building site - off-site fabrication ensures less mess and waste
✓ Steel is recyclable; we efficiently remove all offcuts off-site & recycle them
✓ Chemical and pesticide free  
NO ADDITIONAL COST (compared to timber) for Summit Homes Group clients - enjoy the peace-of-mind of steel for the same cost as a traditional timber roof

If you are interested in finding more about steel frame roofing, fill out the enquiry form below, download the brochure or contact us on 08 9317 0100.

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