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South West home buyers embrace the future of housing

South West home buyers embrace the future of housing

South West homebuyers are set to receive their new two storey home faster, with better value and improved thermal properties and noise protection following innovative building practices pioneered by Summit South West.

The builder has combined conventional building methods of double brick construction with innovative lightweight technology which is seeing new homes built concurrently, both at the client’s lot and at Summit South West’s Perth-based headquarters under stringent around-the-clock supervision and quality control.

General Manager David Hunt said Summit’s simultaneous building system saw both the upper and lower floors built at the same time which meant homebuyers would receive up a new two storey home several months faster without any compromise to quality, service or level of finish.

“Concurrent building is undoubtedly the future of WA housing and homebuyers in the South West have every reason to be excited,” Mr Hunt said.

Today marks the debut of the innovative building technique in the region with the upper floor of a two storey home in Busselton being lifted and secured to the existing ground floor, after being transported from Perth.

“The home is built on Busselton’s beautiful canals and the family wanted to maximise the views with a two storey design that offered all the luxury and appeal that suited the location but without the upmarket price tag or construction timeframe of a traditional built two storey home,” Mr Hunt said.

Concurrent building combines the strength of engineered steel construction with the comfort of an advanced thermal external cladding system called Masterwall. Once finished, the upper floor is simply craned into position once the lower brick work is completed.

“Imagine a quality two storey home that is built within similar timeframes as a single storey – and all with cutting edge building practices which is being closely monitored by our construction team in a totally controlled environment within our 6,000m2 purpose-built facility in Perth.

“The time is right to introduce this system to South West homebuyers who are increasingly looking for affordable two storey living and can rest assured knowing that the Masterwall technique, while unlike anything else in WA, it has a long and proven success rate on the Eastern coast,” Mr Hunt said.

The builder said its novel upper floor construction offered a number of benefits to homebuyers including:

  • Speed – a double storey home can essentially be built in similar timeframes as a single storey, meaning homebuyers can literally live the high life several months faster
  • Fantastic thermal properties when compared to standard double brick construction (Masterwall has a thermal rating of R2.3 which is substantially better than cavity brickwork*) which means warmer winters and cooler summers and reduced energy bills
  • Better noise protection between floors through the use of an advanced suspended chassis steel system; and
  • Cost – seeing as time is money, homebuyers can rest assured they are eliminating costly rental and interest payments faster as they will be enjoying their new home sooner, plus there is no additional investment in scaffolding and wastage is virtually eliminated.

“Our engineered flooring system provides all the rigid stiffness of welded steel together with greater spanning capabilities and the comfort of quiet flooring which means minimal noise vibrations to endure when the kids are upstairs,” Mr Hunt said.

“Furthermore because we are building the upper floors at Summit’s specialist facility, homebuyers receive an additional number of benefits including consistency of trades and building practices, more efficient use of materials meaning minimal waste, better recycling opportunities and of course we never have to stop because of the unfavourable weather.”

In addition to new homes, the builder is also using the approach to deliver second storey solutions to existing homeowners in the form of a home improvement or extension and can apply the same technique to granny flats for those homeowners who have space on their existing lot.

“Craning ready-built homes onto an existing residence is proving to be a massive winner for those homebuyers who crave more space and want an immediate solution,” Mr Hunt said.

“In as little as 10 weeks, homebuyers can have a second storey or a granny flat on their home providing more space and a better lifestyle for all members of the family,” Mr Hunt said.

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