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Demolish and Build

Demolish and Build

Demolishing a home and rebuilding is the smart choice

Whether you’re considering multiple dwellings to make the most of your block, or you want to stay in the neighbourhood you love, but not in an old house. Whatever your reason to demolish and build, our end-to-end solutions have got you covered. Summit Homes Group can help you maximise your block’s potential.

Backed with 35 years experience in WA, and because we take care of everything – from the planning, approvals and demolition itself, right through to the design and rebuild – our approach is fast, value-packed and seamless.

What are your plans? 

Demolishing an existing residence and rebuilding a new home 

Looking to maximise your lots potential with multiple homes

Demolishing and re-building is the smart choice when:

  • You love where you live, but your home no longer meets your requirements;
  • You’re settled in your location and the kids are close to their schools;
  • Your home is ageing and maintenance is becoming costly;
  • A renovation may not be suitable or potentially more expensive;
  • Your current block would be impossible to find in the same location;
  • You can save on stamp duty by building a new home rather than purchasing established; and
  • Your existing block has views, and you would like to capitalise on them.

Because we are built around people, we take care of everything for you and as part of our end-to-end solutions we offer:

  • Managing the entire demolition including liaising with quality reputable demolition contractors to ensure
  1. Clearing your block of all debris and materials, trees and vegetation (not buried on site) at least 4m past the proposed new home area, and including 600mm in depth of overturned earth to ensure it is clear of debris; 
  2. Clearing your block to ensure access to sewer junctions and services;
  3. Employing a licensed plumber to cut, cap and seal and existing sewer junction of the main sewer line as well as empty, disconnect, decommission and fill-in any septic tanks; and
  4. Employing a licensed electrician to disconnect all services, cap and seal and disconnect all power to bores and sheds as applicable. 
  • Arranging planning, permits and building approvals;
  • In-house specialist advice with Westgate Financial Services;
  • Helping you choose a design that meets your lifestyle and ensures the most energy efficient use of your block;
  • Site works and retaining walls (if necessary);
  • Quality and award-winning construction in keeping with our commitment of being house proud so that you can rest assured that we will treat your new home as if it were our very own; and
  • Warranty and maintenance as part of our continuous service.

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If you’re looking to maximise your lots potential with a multi-development on site, visit or if you want to demolish an existing residence and rebuild to live in, visit

*Terms and conditions apply. Each block will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Speak to your consultant for more information.

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