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Bateman couple's granny flat open for a limited time to show a new way of modern living

Bateman couple's granny flat open for a limited time  to show a new way of modern living

Homebuyers who want to experience a new style of living will be impressed with the opening of a granny flat in Bateman, by kind permission of the owners from September 13 for two consecutive weekends.

General Manager Chris Johnston said the owners John and Julie Feary approached Summit Granny Flats with the request to build a modern home – which they have dubbed the “Feary Cottage” – for them to move into so that the original home could be used by their daughter, her husband and their young daughter, who wanted to go to school in the area.

“The brief was to create an independent and modern easy-living solution that allowed Mr and Mrs Feary to be close to their daughter and her family,” Mr Johnston said.

Mr Feary added: “We wanted our cottage to be a ‘real home’, with all the amenities and aesthetics of a modern home.”

“We are delighted with the end result. It feels very much like a home – unlike some of the others we’ve seen around that look like park villas,” Mr Feary said.

The home was built using innovative construction techniques including light weight framing and Masterwall – which is well known for its excellent thermal properties and speed, when compared to the traditional double brick construction method.

During the planning stages, the designers were careful to assess the lot and took into consideration of the original home’s orientation as well as the location of the garage and boundary fence.

“We have sited the home adjacent to the garage at the rear of the lot as it allows not only a private entry for the couple, but also for a landscaped garden that can be enjoyed year round from the views of the covered alfresco,” Mr Johnston said.

“We are proud to have a modern, attractive new home,” Mr Feary said.

Mr Johnston added: “We are delighted that the owners are so pleased with their new home that they want to share it with the wider public,” Mr Johnston said.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand the innovative building techniques, level of finish and modern living possibilities that this style of housing allows we look forward to welcoming people here over the next fortnight."

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